Impairment Testing App 

Fast, Inexpensive, Objective, Scientific, Accurate, Non-invasive

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Tests for impairment due to ANY cause, including drugs, alcohol, fatigue, illness, chronic condition or injury.

Are you or your employees fit to drive, operate machinery, and make critical decisions?

Workplace safety has traditionally focused on improving the physical workplace and general working conditions.

Now, with the expanding legalization of marijuana and the growing use of illicit drugs, the greatest threat to employee safety and employer’s legal liability is workplace drug use.

Since marijuana and other drugs stay in your system for weeks longer than the very short-term impairment they induce, tests for such drugs are virtually useless in testing for impairment. Testing for evidence of marijuana use instead of testing for impairment severely handicaps employers and unfairly penalizes employees who are in fact fit for duty. Druid Enterprise, with DRUID at its core, applies neuroscience research to measure performance impairment in the workplace.

Druid Enterprise provides management with tools to monitor impairment test scores for individuals and groups over any period of time. The app works with all smart phones and tablets and takes just 3 minutes to complete.

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Easiest method for employee screening. Clean, non-invasive objective.


Drug tests only detect drugs, impairment can be caused by drugs, alcohol, fatigue, injury.


Records, tracks and reports on results with easy to use administrative console.